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"The Insanity Virus"

This is a fascinating article if you can cope with reading biochemistry and neuro-chemistry that is written with the educated layperson in mind. There is also an article linked in the comments of naamah_darling's post that is more science-y and I have not yet found the spoons to read it. This is very relevant to my interests with three cases of diagnosed schizophrenia on both sides of our family, MANY cases of diagnosed (and potentially undiagnosed) depression (also on both sides) and my own MS (and possible other cases of undiagnosed MS in the family). Also, my niece is due to be born on my birthday (4th August - so SOON!) and so I am trying to work out whether or not to point my brother and SIL (who has a psychology degree) at this research/article(s)/post. Tricky dilemma.

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