Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Twitter, bloodtests, Pixel, Smudge and *ugh*

It has been a depressing and exhausting day with one amazing upside - hubby did not faint for once when having fasting bloods drawn. The nurses and I doing mine at the same time and chattering distracted him and I reminded him to breathe which also helped, apparently!

I feel like such a bad cat-mummy. I had hoped that today's tweets would be available via LoudTwitter or TweetDumpr but not yet.

In lieu of those, here are the tweets I am hoping that LoudTwitter will be posting for me at 00:00 (via copy/paste with a few deletions from (in reverse order of course):-

Please read the folowing bottom up - I do not have the spoons to edit it into chronological order:

-3,000,000 spoons and a headache the size of a planet. Better take something and sleep. If I can. 12 minutes ago from twhirl

cat with only half a braincell with a Buster collar on trying to negotiate around and over things like he usually does = chaos and mess. 21 minutes ago from twhir

I'm spent. Need to unwind for a bit by hitting things in WoW. Otherwise, doubt I'd sleep. Another big day tomorrow as well. 34 minutes ago from twhirl

now Pixel is in my room and Smudge has run away somewhere. So much for Smudge being easier to look after! I do love them both but ... 36 minutes ago from twhirl

This is SO hard! Wrangling one cat who won't eat coz she is scared of the other who thinks he has never been fed. SO tired/weepy/wobbly/sad. 43 minutes ago from twhirl

... and my guts are still unhappy after the fast for the bloods despite being fed ... about 6 hours ago from twhirl

I'd rather not nap until he is more settled though... about 6 hours ago from twhirl

Also off-balance coz I still can't hear out of my left ear. Just so tired! Slept all day between blood-draws and picking Pixel up but still! about 6 hours ago from twhirl

Keping an eye on the Pixel is pretty exhausting. He is desperate to get the Buster collar off! about 6 hours ago from twhirl

Smudge is convinced Pixel is now CyborgKitteh and must be feared! about 7 hours ago from twhirl

Awwwwwww! :( about 7 hours ago from twhirl

Awwww Smudge is scared of Pixel coz of the Buster collar! He is like I imagine a Roomba. Walk into wall back up and try again. Whisker fail! about 7 hours ago from twhirl

Home with pixel. Have to in (go, ed.) back monday at 1020. He had buster collar off in catbox in car. Got it back on okay. Melting ofc. about 7 hours ago from txt

way about 8 hours ago from twhirl

cab called - on wat to get Pixel from vet about 8 hours ago from twhirl

time for some sleep about 13 hours ago from twhirl

Can't sleep. Hungry enough to eat any clown that tries to eat me. Heh. about 22 hours ago from txt

I am an elephant-tree again. This is getting very old very fast. I want my ankles back! There will be a reward for their return or info.! ;/ about 23 hours ago from twhirl

Hoping that I am not too lightheaded in the am. Having fasting bloodtests as is hubby. Pixel is fasting for a minor op tomorrow.*rumblytums* about 23 hours ago from twhirl

P.S. Not looking forward to getting Pixel to take his tablets in the morning although if he is still this hungry I may be able to crush it into his food...
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