Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

I seem to be blogging and microblogging far less than usual

… although the microblogging is happening over at Twitter, it is just not getting copied here to LJ by LoudTwitter for some reason.

I seem to be blogging and microblogging far less than usual, at least partly because I seem to have the sore throat and ear infection of DOOM!!!! This s meant that I am sleeping a lot and so doing less.

In other news, Pixel has a growth between the toes on his back right foot. He is licking it non stop. We have him booked into the vet tomorrow afternoon.

In other-other news, my new (used three or four times for very small jobs) sewing machine has died. It no longer seems capable of picking up the bottom/bobbin thread with the top/nneedle thread and so is also incapable of sewing. I have had to resort to hand-sewing. A lot. Hubby needs a number of new pairs of trousers taking up 3". I am okay hand-sewing having done a lot over the years, but my eyes tire very easily right now (The MonSter, I bet) and so I can only really manage one leg hem at a time before needing a break.

Note to self - make optician appointment as soon as you are able to use the phone again.

In health news and in reference to making phone calls, my good ear for the phone (the one that is usually the least deaf) - the left one - is currently swollen shut and PAINFUL from yet another ear infection. I get them quite often because the dermatitis inside my ears gets infected. The pain does respond to ibuprofen + cocodamol (codeine and paracetamol) eventuallybut the swelling does not reduce much and so I am still, to all intents and purposes, deaf in that ear. That and the attendant sore throat make phone calls almost impossible - they can't hear me and I can't hear them with my right ear - hence why I usually use my left ear for the phone! I already had an appointment with the new GP this evening and so It will have to wait until then.

"Hello new primary care doctor, I am the awkward one with a long list of meds and pre-existing 'conditions'. Now, the question is;

- are you a doctor that believes that I am the expert patient with respect to my my own unique subset of MS (and other) symptoms?
(in which case I will happily see you again)

- or are you, instead, one of the doctors that believes that patients should be seen, not heard and told what to do - they should definitely not have a mind of their own, a BSc Biochemistry and be able to do research for themselves into their symptoms and conditions on the internet let alone want things to be explained to them and be able to understand?
(in which case I will avoid you forever even if you are the last GP on the planet)"
Tags: blogging dearth, loudtwitter, pain, pixel, twitter, yaei, yet another ear infection

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