Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

01:52 @chaosgame 0: can I change things a little plz? ;-p #

02:07 Checkout my @photojojo Time Capsule!: #

02:53 Exhausted, of course. In pain, of course. Unable to sleep, of course. Same old same old lather rinse repeat. Bored now! Knitting and reading #

02:54 @chaosgame I look to see what I am wearing and what is in my pockets and any bag. (i.e. what is my equip list? ;-p) #

02:55 @rebornspirit said "I think it's time. Time to expose Craig to the world." Intrigued! #

11:32 @chaosgame 0: what is in my wallet? #

12:15 awake for about 40 mins but finally starting to wake up, if that makes any sense. #

14:24 Changed litter tray, emptied my bin and carried all down & some of recycling which I then sorted. Emptied and filled dishwasher. Did dishes. #

14:25 Melting but still need to vaccuum b4 mum comes if I can manage it. If I can't then tough! ;-p #

15:36 sorted some laundry, carried two loads (maybe 3) downstairs. found previous load still damp so am re-tumbling that. will do mine later. #

15:37 @chaosgame 0: what merchant is it for and what is on the scraps of paper? ;-p #

15:39 melting and exhausted but mum here soon so cannot nap yet #

17:22 A few more things to try to get done today now mum has gone but I am in spoon overdraft again. Nap time! #

17:23 @chaosgame on hold? #

17:23 @mcglk *hugs* #

20:45 Another evening 'alone' in the house with hubby roleplaying by Skype in kitchen. Guess I'll eat later or order in but guts unhappy + raining #

20:47 Strangely the sudden torrential rain does not make it any cooler (it is still sticky hot), merely darker. Feh. Time to play WoW or sleep. #

20:49 My LaCie external HD seems to have unmounted itself despite still being on. Gah - I'll look into that later. Need to plug in new ext. DVDR 2 #

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