Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

00:22 @tallin32 lol no idea what a dillhole is tbh! #

04:08 Panic attack. So much to do and deadlines looming. I have to do it all as well. This rush = stress for me. #

11:12 @davorg said "Mark of a good place to work - they ask you which operating system you want on your PC." Wow! #

11:15 Guts still not happy. Wondering if the US theory that guts can be affected by MS could be true. UK doctors disagree. Same old same old. Heh. #

11:19 purchased MOzy home unlimited a few days ago. Now I just need it to DO A BLOOMIN' BACKUP (preferably when I'm AFK)! "searching for files..." #

11:51 Just had a call from local council busspass dept. Apparently I do, indeed, qualify! *waits for freedom/twirly pass to arrive* #

12:01 So much to do today but zero spoons after yesterday. Ugh. zzzzz #

12:02 @ndixon said "something went clonk" then said "sh!t sh!t sh!t - this is *not* good" Oops! You okay? #

12:05 Call from busspass dept was a query about my form - not just to tell me I qualify, which I knew. Still nice to get it confirmed! ;-p #

12:07 Wishing for the day when all I have to worry about is not having enough spoons to vacuum or do laundry (which is tru) let alone the rest. ;/ #

12:13 @ndixon Ah hah! ;-p #

12:14 Also wishing for a PA or at least the time to feel as sick as I do! ;-/ #

12:16 Room is spinning. Must 'knuckle down' anyway. Not done laundry for > a week. Ran out of clothes days ago. Calls to make too. Need to ... #

12:17 Need to lie down for an hour or so. Will aproach life after that. Sorry world, you will have to wait for me. Tough. #

15:50 Wonders if @chaosgame who just added me is someone I know and decides not to automaticly block them like I usually do... #

15:51 Takes phone off silent after a brief rest. #

15:52 Finally easts food and blogs more. #

15:53 @ndixon Again hopes you are okay... #

17:03 @mcglk about 1% of me is... #

17:05 @mcglk ah - just added you back lol #

22:20 @davorg said "Playing with (aka Summize)." Ooo I should try to break that! ;-p #

22:21 @ndixon *hugs* #

23:14 My thoughts on Twitter Search - YMMV. #

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