Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

My thoughts on Twitter Search

Twitter recently announced the ability for ANYONE to search Twitter, without the need for a Twitter account of their own.

As you can imagine from the way I have described it here, I am horrified by this development and wish that I had made my Twitter account non-public, even if that would mean non-Twitterers could not see my Tweets. The whole point, for me, of Twitter, LiveJournal, etc., is for friends and family to be able to see how I am without needing to sign into one or more website accounts. I will also add that my LiveJournal settings prevent search engines like Google from indexing my journals.

I left a comment on the above linked blog post but I am guessing that it will not pass the comment approval process and so will not be published online. I am therefore going to copy/paste it here for posterity:

It is no wonder I am being added by more and more serial adders since Twitter Search was announced! Ah well. *block* *block* *block*

*looks to see how to make my account non-searchable but still public*

*can't find a robots.txt for Twitter Search*

Also, when will the API be fixed so that TwerpScan, etc. will work again?

With respect to that last sentence, way to go Twitter (and many other software development companies, e.g. Microsoft and Blizzard) for releasing new functionality without fixing existing show-stopper (for a least some of your users) bugs!

Hmmmm. Can you tell that I am turning into an Angry Old (wo)Man?

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