Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Calling WoW players abroad!

I play on various EU/UK servers but my waking hours (and so playing hours) do not coincide with many of my EU/UK guild-mates. A friend and I recently worked out that my sleep/wake pattern (when there is one) is similar to EST (east coast USA, etc.). I am wondering if getting hold of a US copy of WoW (and account) might mean that I end up playing on servers with more instancing/questing partner availability, e.g. there is a Ravelry guild on Bloodhoof, EU (both sides) that I have toons in and one on Draenor, US (ditto) but I am usually the only person online on Bloodhoof - I wonder if there might be more online on the US server. I also wonder how my playing would fit with Oceana servers/players/timezone.

1. Does anyone know how to easily get a US/Oceana copy of the game from the UK?

2. Does anyone know how to easily get a US/Oceana WoW account from the UK? I did read something once about just signing up for a free trial US account and then using it with the EU version of the game but I have forgotten where...

3. Would any of you be able to recommend a server/guild on one of these two?
Tags: wow

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