Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

01:35 need to cook and eat better. upset guts and pain are getting old fast! :( #

02:25 given up trying to sleep despite needing to be up at 7. too much pain and discomfort. #

04:09 Still awake, nauseous, in pain and feverish. Still not able to sleep. Looks like I have to go to this meeting ill and exhausted! Oh dear. :( #

04:10 @ndixon said "Steracle: Persistent Spirit Chapter 24 ( )" Only just listened to 18 but it still rocks! #

04:49 Nausea, pain, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and MonSter fatigue is an undervalued combination that is all I need to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!1! #

04:50 @regularjen said "Still cries when Bigwig gets caught in the snare..." That film is so well made and always makes me cry juat like the book! #

04:51 @ndixon said "Steracle: Douglas Adams abused his X key ( )" Used to send lots of letters signed DAxXxXXxxxxXX? ;-p #

04:52 @Firni EEK! *hugs* #

05:07 gonna try to fall asleep... #

14:01 Home safe after about 30 mins sleep, an 09:30 meeting, some shopping, form delivery and driving. Time to eat and to drink litres of water!! #

14:04 @Firni *snickers about receptionist entertaining son* Still, I hope it all goes okay and there is not too much pain! *hugs* #

14:12 @pixeldiva @freeport's mum is awesome at suck letters to MDs! She gets all kinds of things changed and I am in awe of her letter-writing-fu! #

14:12 s/suck/such/ ;-p #

14:18 I am getting tweets to my phone by SMS b4 they appear in twhirl even if I refresh @twhirl! #

16:09 unpacked part of a box to find art materials. now nauseous all over again coz overheated. should probably nap and/or take iced bath... #

16:11 @regularjen I still use MSOffice TBH... Is Pages/iWork./etc no use for you? #

16:12 Toooooo hot now to use the art materials that I unpacked and no shelves yet to store them on. Will repack them somewhere accessible 4 now... #

16:22 Let's just say that I am very glad my webcam is not plugged in and switched on right now. It would not transmit the prettiest sight IMNSHO!! #

16:23 @regularjen ah hah! I now understand! ;-p #

16:24 @regularjen I don't actually have iWork on my macs and I still use the devil-co's office apps. *blushes* #

16:33 Okay, a t-shirt soaked in cold water, wrung out and then worn, is more cooling than stripping off! I live and learn but I should have known! #

21:40 @tallin32 'dillock': Interesting word! a cross between pillock and dildo? #

21:41 @phinnia Ooo extreme version of cosmetic surgery to evade police! #

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