Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging Twitterings

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it but then you may miss chunks of my life!

01:31 NTS: It is usually a better idea to pour kettle water into the mug and onto the teabag rather than all over your thumb! OUCH! :( *icy water* #

03:25 I REALLY need a source of filtered, ice cold water upstairs. I drink a LOT (meds side-effects) and these stairs will be the death of me...!! #

10:31 @regularjen *hugs* #

10:31 @ndixon YAY! #

10:33 Woken by doorbell. Real postie back from holiday but did not wait. Caught him from afar. Parcel in safe place. Wish he'd read the sign! Feh! #

12:28 Just discovered that I mised my -oscopy appointment on JUNE 4TH! It was in July in my head. Better phone hospital! :( #

12:32 @themattharris said "processing Nikon RAW format files for a pupil who uses them 'coz there better' but has no software to read them" DUH! #

12:35 Collared Dove out of window. Was it Bill Oddie/Springwatch who said they're getting rarer in UK? Mum's got one nesting in her grapevines. #

15:00 CAN HAZ FUDS (and backache from carrying shelves etc. up and down stairs). #

15:03 @sbisson there used to be loads whene I was a kid. Those and pigeons remind me of the red squirrel and invading American grey squirrel TBH!! #

17:10 Have done STUFF. Now hurt and am exhausted. Nap tiem! #

17:17 I don't know if it is twitter or @twhirl but this thing does not seem to be on properly today. Anyway, zzzzz #

17:18 Ah - it is @twhirl / AIR. Am sending tweets but it is not displaying them or others - twitter/home is working on web. #

17:19 zzz #

20:01 @twhirl I guess I'll have to use the worse ergonomics of twitter on the web then. Is there no workaround bugfix other than rerunning twhirl? #

20:02 @twhirl maybe a temporary bugfix could be to do whatever rerunning twhirl seems to do ;-p #

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