Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Memes and quizzes

I sometimes post memes or quizzes. Not as often as I might be tagged, to be honest. Because a few of you don't like to get these on their LJFriends pages and to prevent myself being removed from their lists (they are all people that I enjoy reading - I value knowing about their lives and how they are) a while ago I created a filter for those of you that want to be able to see my meme/quiz posts. At the time I made it opt-in, although maybe I should have made it opt-out because only a few people signed up to this group (i.e. told me they wanted in) - only 20 right now out of a real-readers list of almost 100 mutual LJFriends (this is very rough).

So, I am renewing my invitation. If you'd like to see my meme/quiz posts and/or don't mind seeing them, comment here and I will add you!

Bear in mind that my meme/quiz posts (linked for those in the memes LJFriends group, invisible if you are not) may be my only non-twitter posts for days at a time and sometimes I reveal stuff about myself that you may or may not find interesting when I discuss the results.
Tags: ljfriends groups, memes, quizzes

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