Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

02:30 @regularjen said "Has lost 2.5 pounds since Monday ..." You'll disappear! #

02:30 @mollydotcom said "Thinking about spaghetti. When I was a kid I called it "pissghetti." I know you did too." My brother did ;-p #

02:31 I think I called it 'sketty' ;-p #

02:32 Guh. I need to be up at 8 am to be awake in case of deliveries. Guess I had better try to sleep now. G'night twitterverse! *waves* #

08:26 Sooooo tired. Awake in case of mail and parcel delivery. Could sleep for a month though. Couldn't sleep last night. Counseling later, too... #

08:27 May just move the portable doorbell into my room and doze for a bit. #

11:17 Well, no delivery yet. Hope it comes before I leave at just after 1300... #

12:48 Package redelivered (earlier). Postgirl agrees that $FAIL_system is TEH STOOPID! #

13:19 Sitting in sun waiting for bus. Dreaded last night's pain still being here this afternoon... #

15:50 In subway with a book (1-932603-60-3) and a dr pepper having eaten a wrap for lunch. #

17:05 Waiting in carfax for bus home. #

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