Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

11:08 put sign on door asking callers t wait for us to get to the door down two flights of stairs. so far today it has worked. twice. thanked them #

11:10 @mcglk this is just another example of why I used to GM not play - no ideas... #

11:15 @freeport GMing ideas can be had slowly and thought through (when I last GMed). playing ideas have to be on the spur of the moment. #

11:16 @freeport was talking about Chaos and/or text adventures. Can never think what to do next. Used to GM bought scenarios. Used to wing it ok 2 #

11:17 @phinnia You have to give gifts to a teacher with so much lose? #

11:30 seeing double/.blurred + having difficulty focussing or keeping my eyes still #

13:31 Optic migraine. #

13:43 @Vivdora sure does #

18:24 @mcglk 0: I look at yself in any reflection the dirty water can yeild so as to try to see why my face feels funny #

19:40 @Mischief_wa I have 740Gb in drives and they are almost full and so a terrabyte would not be too big! #

19:40 @phinnia said "one of the cats just startled itself landing on the trampoline. i'm trying hard not to laugh and kind of failing. <3" ROFL #

21:25 Migraine kicked by sleeping all day. Residual headache is now responding to cocodamol, ibuprofen, etc. #

21:26 @Mischief_wa I use mine for my HUGE iTunes library as well. ;-p #

21:27 @themattharris said "wonder if this site knows it's accessibility buttons don't work in Safari .... ..." Oops! ROFL! #

22:02 I wish my bedroom wondow would swing open instead of being tilt-up only. Trying to get shots of the rising full moon here is harder here. #

22:03 @sbisson said "Joining in the Firefox 3 downloadathon." already done mine #

22:04 @tallin32 said "Well, looks like the only reason left not to upgrade my dev machine to Win7 is total, unadulterated fear." good reason tho!! #

22:05 @davorg said "I strongly suspect that the Firefox download record attempt will be limited by the size of the Mozilla servers." indeed /.'d ! #

22:06 Need to find tripod before next month's full moon. Kneeling on desk and craning out a tiny window opening is not fun. #

22:06 Taking photos through double glazing does not work at all! #

22:12 @phinnia agreed. & in my case I now have to climb down two flights of stairs to answer the door and then back up when it is just a coldcall! #

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