Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

14:04 Awake and getting hydrated. Eaten. Need meds. Joints ache and feet still HUGE. Still not dead (I wish I knew what that was a quote from). :) #

14:05 @mcglk 0: I look for water. #

14:07 @themattharris I owe you a pint or more for suggesting the new version of Disk Warrior to hubby. I CAN HAZ TUNES AND PHOTOS BACK! YAY! *hug* #

14:18 Takes loadsa meds - impending weather-head remedies and usual am meds. #

23:25 @mcglk 0: I go get a drink of water to kill the headache before it sets in hard. #

23:27 Tonight's House (FiveUS, the last of one of the series, the one where he gets shot) was cracking! #

23:28 @regularjen Lush makes me sheeze if I walk within 50 feet of one of their shops! ;-p #

23:29 @mollydotcom said "will now perform trick #4,553 - the afternoon nap." I performed that earlier! ;-p #

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