Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

10:58 Been out of bed for a while. Now awake enough to wash and dress, I guess. Knee/leg/feet still killing me but at least I have ankles today... #

11:05 Great. Rain. Was awake lots of the night tossing and turning with migraine/weatherhead etc. Now it's returning & I have car & errands 2 run. #

11:07 Also want to go to counselling. Sods law have car when not geeling well. Waste of spoons I have when I *am* feeling well and don't have car! #

11:07 @Vivdora glad J feels a bit better! #

11:08 Takes meds to fend of headache, etc. #

11:33 Hmmm. Thunder. Explains the migraine and weatherhead... #

11:34 @Vivdora Thanks! They are much bigger ankles than they usually are (still a little swolen) but not barrage balloons, so far, today! ;-p #

11:35 Food helps a little. Now to wash/dress. Yay for the minutia of my boring daily life played out for you on my Twitter stream. Asleep yet? ;-p #

12:11 Washed and almost dressed. Overheating though so sitting for a bit. Any physical action (like going up/down stairs - kitchen) => I ov ... #

12:12 This flat is so much hotter than the old one. Brobably because bedrooms and living room are on top floor above our kitchen & the flat below. #

12:17 Sitting and spodding a bit more. Done few chores in passing already. Not washed dishes yet though. Diswasher gets plumbed in on Saturday. :) #

13:08 The doctor saga gets worse. We are out of the catchment area for the closest surgery (that my GP recommended). Makes no sense. *panic again* #

13:09 Adds visiting surgeries to my errands list for today / this afternoon. NEED MOAR SPOONS NAU KTHXBAI!! Heh. #

15:47 Late lunch in Subway. Hope I get these errands done before more rain. #

17:26 Home safe but exhusted. Went to counseling and ran a bunch of errands including getting forms for one of the doctors' surgeries. 0 spoons... #

17:33 Registering for new doctors will be hard without proof of new address. I have but not sure about hubby. Glad can still see old Dr.s for now. #

17:34 @mcglk I missed that you started the new job! You go guy! #

17:42 @twhirl is not working. All I can see is my most recent tweet. seems to work. Anyway, SLEEP NAU ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ #

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