Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

09:35 I seem to be awake. I seem to have woken at 08:45. No idea why. 4 hrs sleep >= 0 I guess. So many phone calls to make but 0 spoons to ... #

09:36 @mollydotcom When did USians start to spell it coloUr? ;-p #

10:12 @freeport I saw the car. ;-p May not get any use out of it though. Going back to bed soon, with pain meds. Legs HURT! Want ankles back, too. #

10:13 @cazm said "for a non iPhone officianado, what's new with the "new" one?" From what hubby said, GPS, G3, ... I forget what else. #

10:31 It's official. Despite it being nice and cool this morning, I am going back to bed with pain meds. Legs/feet HURT! #

12:59 Happy Birthday @vivdora ! #

13:00 @freeport existing what? #

13:00 Wakes up to weird beeping from outside. #

13:02 @freeport What will you use? *confused* *not awake yet* #

13:03 @freeport I saw that you upgraded your iPhone plan with O2... #

13:05 @freeport Sorry. Assumed they would not be over here yet coz only just announced in the US. My bad. GPS? #

13:07 @freeport Talk more tonight - making phone calls. #

13:09 Strike that - failing to make phonecalls. Getting SMS from twitter despite sending OFF twice. Getting each one TWICE! #

13:20 Left knee/leg is killing me - then again both legs and feet hurt coz of the swelling. Need to bodge foot-rest under desk... #

15:39 Have done minor reorg on kitchen. Not washed dishes though coz run out of spoons. Made one of the tens of calls that need making. ->0 ... #

16:32 Feh. It is getting hot again. This calls for sleeping until it is cooler. #

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