Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

02:51 Gale force winds and rain - a few nights running now. I love it when it rains at night but is clear during the day... #

02:52 We got loads of packing done today. Two more sleeps before we move and everything changes. One second that feels good, the next I panic. Heh #

02:54 @mollydotcom said "kitteh in the box!" Their favourite places, boksehs! ;-p #

02:55 @themattharris Happy belated birthday! #

02:56 Melting... #

02:57 @Firni Happy Birthday! #

02:58 Nausea... I only need to get through two more days before I am allowed to get ill! *holds breath* #

02:59 @mollydotcom said "I can haz office manager, plz?" Only if I can! ;-p #

02:59 @mollydotcom said "Kitteh had toy mouse, ripped tail off toy mouse, now kitteh haz what looks to be a groundhog. Kitteh is murderous!" YAY!! #

04:44 Ugh. Still nauseous and unable to fall asleep. #

05:00 migraine :( #

12:49 eating some breakfast before starting another day of paching stuff up... #

13:16 I pack our one remaining box and the room starts to spin. Hubby is moving stuff to storage and buying more boxes for us to fill. #

13:17 At least most of the remaining packing can be done by the movers tomorrow. I just hope I get through the day in one piece! #

13:46 Just emptying WoW mailboxes as a breather. #

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