Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

02:40 @TwitPic TipJar? #

03:12 It is official. That pasta sauce (DFGF) does not like me. I had about two teaspoons as pizza sauce on DFGF bread and am NOT WELL. Changes... #

04:33 Still awake. Panic attack about the move. So much I have forgotten to organise. Can't cope! :( #

07:00 Seeing double now as well. No idea how I will get stuff done... #

14:08 Not been awake long. Loads of phone calls and SMSs already. Exhausted again. Going to have a shower now and then try to eat something. splat #

14:32 @laserone Still not done that... #

14:35 @kplawver said "HA! "Twitter is down" jokes... so true:" ROFLMAO! Indeed - so true! Same for LJ.. #

14:36 @freeport Thanks for the hugs! #

14:43 Showered and now in search of food. Branes can't cope today though - another non-day is expected... #

15:00 Feeling ropey despite shower and food. Goi g to try to just relax while it is this hot and do more later. #

15:39 @Vivdora it is pretty hot here - and my internal weather is, of course, random! #

16:22 Ugh - nasty headache has built itself in my head, slowly but surely during more phone calls and another box packing ... #

16:33 Pain meds and water. I wish I could take co-codamol on days like this... #

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