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It has been a nice cool day until the last hour or so, and I am now melting all over again. I have, however, managed to get a few chores done:

+ built my meds into the organiser for the week. I have not done that for weeks - opting, instead, to take them when I remember straight from the blister packs and bottles.

+ cleaned the litter tray.

+ emptied the bins in the kitchen and my room.

+ changed the yellow medical waste bin-liner in the bathroom for them to collect tomorrow.

+ filled and ran the dishwasher.

- discovered that hubby has to work the day we move the big stuff (using a removals firm who will do all of the heavy lifting but I just hope that I don't space out at all).

+ asked mum if she is free that day to help by offering moral support (as well as, e.g., in putting my electrical adjustable bed back together!). Also, as I may not be able to have the car, to give me a lift from the old / current flat to the new one while the removals lorry makes the same journey. She is and step-dad may be able to help as well.

- had a non-day. The last two days have been pretty busy for me and I have been feeling very out of it today.


It is sad to think that I will not be putting Billingshurst as my location for much longer because I will miss the beautiful village but there are parts of the larger town where we will be living (and where I grew up from age seven onwards) that are almost as beautiful...
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