Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

11:08 Woken by a Palletways truck under the flat unloading something (wuh?) with the engine running. I won't miss being over a road when we move!! #

11:10 Palletways: . I did take photos. I'm glad I am only nocturnal from health/makeup and am not working night-shifts! #

11:11 @pixeldiva *hugs* #

11:20 Have woken with a crick in my neck and I have errands to run including getting tax on the car. Let's see if painkillers help (& other pain). #

12:00 Painkillers and FUD doing their tricks. Just need to shower/wash and dress before heading out. *crosses fingers* #

12:31 Removals booked. Now to go out and do other errands. Already melting, but will stick head under cold tap first. ;-p #

15:28 Home safe but knackered. Many errands and much driving done. Ran out of energy/spoons before Sainsbury's, though, so just came home. #

16:37 Gonna take a nap. Just need to convince Pixel that is really is *my* bed and not his! #

18:46 Awake again and feeing the cats. I think that I should have eaten better today. Or it is about to rain. Looking out the window latter maybe. #

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