Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:44 Worked out the culprit of the nausea and elevated reflux last night (and tonight) - some out-of-date brazil nuts! They're going in the bin!! #

10:45 Still feeling blah. Feet still hurt too. Loads of phone calls to make, though, it seems... #

11:29 Brain-fog. No idea where to start with packing and sorting and so on. Then I panic and do nothing. Help? Someone? #

11:32 At least it is a tiny bit cooler and breezier yesterday and today. Body says knit and watch TV. Brain says "TOO MUCH TO DO TO DO THAT!!" ;-/ #

11:49 @ndixon *hugs* feel better soon! #

11:50 Going back to bed for a while. I *KNOW* I have loads of stuff to do but I feel crap and everything HURTS! I'll live but I need to sleep nau. #

14:35 Woke to howling gale through flat but glorious sunshine; painful head, eyes and feet; double vision unless concentrate & nystagmus. Relapse? #

15:20 Phoned BT to order phone line at new place. Their system saw me coming and went "EEK!! Ex-programmer!!" & crashed. She'll call me back. LOL! #

16:07 phone calls made. once i get on the phone i am fine and almost enjoy it. depends on person at other end though. these were okay. some aren't #

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