Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:12 @ndixon Totally no worries m8. We all get ill. *hugs* #

00:41 @phinnia I know that feeling (cf. LJ)... #

01:23 Boing! Time for bed! #

10:09 Trying to make iTunes see my old library but it won't/can't... (new HD) #

10:12 @phinnia said "" 'The page cannot be found' #

11:17 Have opened loads of mail and changed filter in water jug. Also taken am meds. #

12:06 @regularjen Medication is good, m'kay? ;-p #

12:17 Booked GP appointment. Have to put up with these feet until then - Friday 12 noon. #

13:35 Mended two more pairs of trousers for hubby! Productive day so far! #

13:40 Only bent & snapped one needle on a suddently VERY THICK part of the trousers (pockey seam) but luckily the machine came with 3 spares!! ;-p #

13:51 pocket! Gah - my typing sucks! Anyway - time for some WoW maybe - before I nap when it gets too hot later... #

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