Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

07:02 Trying to wake up - must shower and go out within the next hour! Two days in a row - it is going to be an 'interesting' weekend after that!! #

09:04 Argh! Another screw up with my meds (Copaxone) delivery! Good thing i have spares in the fridge! #

11:38 Home again. Tired and too warm but not sleepy. Will have to nap after Autoglass have been, or wait until tonight. #

11:40 @regularjen said "bacon? again? why??? * shakes fist at uncaring sky and wrinkles nose at flat below *" Mmmmmmm bacon ... *drools* (Sorry :) #

11:43 Second thoughts, now feeling sleepy. Nap tiem plz! #

11:52 Feet swolen again. Nap time. #

13:41 Autoglass arrived early! They said 2-4, I said 3 pm plz and he arrived at 1329! ;-p #

14:16 windscreen dink filled for free under our insurance. still slightly visible. hope it passes MOT coz it is driver's side... #

14:16 MELTING HOT! :( #

17:33 Damn. I knew there was something else I was going to do today. Forgot to make a GP appointment about my feet. Bah! #

17:35 can haz no braims today. iz meltin. too hot by far. zzzzzzz #

17:37 P.S. plz can has feets back nau? me not liek dees hurty puffa-fish feets. #

20:40 @ndixon said "yes!" No? ;-p #

20:48 @phinnia said "... hate feeling like bother. hate feeling like I feel like i'm a bother. wtf." I know that feeling far far too often. *hugs* #

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