Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:22 @mollydotcom said "me: "... I'm a ScaredyCatMols" You're human and used to being independent. That's a huge change to anticipate for anyone! #

05:17 0515 and already starting to melt. Admittedly my room is on the sunrise side of the building. In the new place I'm on the sunset side. Hmmm. #

08:53 I guess I should sleep. I need to be awake at some point during office hours, though, so I will have to set my alarm... #

14:48 Alarm woke me at 2 pm. 5 hours sleep > 0. Managed to get out of bed at about 1445. Need to wake up and make phone calls PRONTO! Wish ... #

14:53 @mollydotcom They need to look up the definition of acronym - 'pronounceable abbreviation' IIRC. I can't pronounce WHATWG but YMMV... ;-) #

16:44 Waiting for a call. My ears have hayfever (via dermatitis) - they itch too much for headphones/earplugs. Also, HEADACHE!!!1! :( </mic ... #

23:35 I M ZOMBEEE. zzzzz #

23:37 @mollydotcom said "@natalief : <acronym> vs <abbr>? ... can of worms :D" Less open a can of worms and more open a dictionary! #

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