Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:35 @davorg said "Now I'm conflicted... Boris Johnson presides over a London where Wii and Wii Fits are far easier to find." *wry smile* #

00:36 @phinnia said "... feeling about 70% human today..." *wonders what the other 30% is* ;-p #

00:37 @sbisson said "We had a cracking start-up idea last night..." Wish I had ideas like that and the energy to run with them... #

00:39 @kplawver said "... now a little Doctor Who before the kids go to bed..." Tonight's was a cracker! #

05:36 Finished first NoPurl Monkey sock. Starting to feel sleepy. Time for bed, I guess... #

15:56 Wakes up... #

15:58 @laserone said "Dammit, I meant FLICKRVISION, not twittervision." I don't see you saying either here... Private reply, maybe? #

15:59 @pixeldiva Crawley is very close to where we live - even closer to where we will soon live (Horsham)! #

17:59 Looking at bluebell photos. Hope we move before bluebells in the woods VERY near there are finished/dead. #

18:00 Going to miss my GPs but looking forward to a fresh start and local bus transport! #

18:54 Damn - in @twhirl, F1 no longer takes me to the home view. The F keys used to cycle through the combo/dropdown but not now. :( #

18:56 @laserone I can see them on your archive page but not on my 'home' view in @twhirl. Strange indeed! #

18:58 Weather-head. Glad I just cleaned my pipe. This makes sense to me and will to some of those that know me well IRL ... #

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