Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:23 @sbisson Ah hah! I don't use FriendFeed and so @twhirl is sufficient for my microblogging purposes... ;-p #

00:28 @elle_uk many of the 'new peeps' will be serial adders that just try to add as many people as possible for some strange reason. I block them #

00:29 Okay - and now even the web is eating tweets. :( #

00:30 Th eone before that has completely disappeared. #

00:33 Missing tweet: "That said, @twhirl is now being weird and refusing to send updates. It is also displaying black text on a black background." #

00:35 That finally posted the fifth or sixth time I tried (first couple @twhirl, rest web). Thank $deity / FSM / CeilingCat for copy and paste! :) #

00:35 (and that one took two tries on the web...) #

00:41 @twhirl "Mark all as seen" button is not doing anything. That anything to do with the Twitter weirdness I am seeing? (recent @twhirl tweets) #

00:42 @sbisson said "First time using LiveMesh Desktop: remote access that just works" I use VNC or Chicken of the VNC and they just work. YMMV.:) #

01:04 @cindyli said "is it possible to feel motion sickness when you are sitting still?" Yes Called 'benign positional vertigo'. Inner ear thing. #

01:05 Can be inner ear infection, alcohol or, in my case, MS or migraine. Unlikely to be the last one. ;-p #

01:05 I meant unlikely to be MS - gah - I am all dizzy now! ;-p #

12:01 My alarm woke me today. Today I did not wear earplugs, though. Yesterday I did & it did not. It is Vibralarm intended for deaf people. FAIL! #

13:49 Ugh. Allergies plus dodgy sinuses equals mouth-breathing sinus-pain. #

13:58 Had plans to do packing and stuff. May have to nap first though. #

14:18 Yup - nap. #

20:09 Cats fed. If I run WoW then things will happen IRL, I bet! ;-p #

20:19 Testing TwittEarth #

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