Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

12:54 I slept through my BLEEP alarm clock again and there is BLEEP zero mobile coverage here again! Time to cancel counselling this week AGAIN.:( #

12:58 GRRRRR Turns out there IS coverage here. All I needed to do was turn my phone off and back on! Well, THAT was obvious, NOT! :( #

12:59 Another not so good day spent at home, I guess... #

13:02 WTB alarm clock with big mallet attached #

13:03 @mollydotcom He sounds more and more like a keeper! ;-p #

13:04 @mollydotcom hubby and I have been known to IRC in the same channel whilst sat next to each other on sofa using wifi and laptops... #

13:04 @tallin32 Eddir Izzard! *jealous* #

13:04 Eddie #

13:06 @pixeldiva said "is having a loud angry rock music kind of day." So am I now. Then again I don't have any iTunes. *grabs a CD* Old tech FTW! #

13:10 Regrets electronic-only music purchases. Tries to remember to burn them to CD/DVD in future. Also, to back up all of my photos in future! :/ #

13:11 I think this will have to be a NiN Ghosts I-IV kinda day - at least I bought that on CD and electronic/download! #

13:13 DAMN ofc inserting a CD opens iTunes which then can't find my library (on the dead external HD). How to play a CD without iTunes on OSX? #

13:49 Gives up on RL for now and plays some WoW. #

14:43 That's a bit better - iPod with the headphones/set that I use for skype/WoW (with mic) so I don't have to use in-ear-phones coz ears itchy!! #

15:21 Ooookay. Choking whatever I eat or drink is not good. M'kay? ;-p #

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