Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:08 @mollydotcom said "Surely someone here on Twitter is capable of building a transporter?" I wish. I WISH! *wants* #

15:48 Only just woke up. Not sure if was meant to make phone calls today. Zero Orange reception at flat today so can't reply to an SMS from mum... #

16:34 Breakfast eaten. Can now contemplate phone calls (on the landline of course). #

16:55 Had breakfast but stinking headache. Meds break needed while I wait for email replies. #

16:56 @mollydotcom said "" That worked for me... #

17:05 Failure to cope quotient is rocketting... #

17:19 @mdmhvonpa said "What? Why is there not a 4/31/2008!?" Because there are not 31 months in a year?! (In the uk we do dd/mm/yyyy ;-p) #

17:22 Tries to take on enough liquid to counteract the dehudration from sleeping for so long - not that I can remember what time I went to bed...! #

18:34 @phinnia said "if I had a million (or three thousand) dollars, I'd buy myself a bike" Same here. a tricycle, garage, big bulgalow and staff. #

18:38 @mdmhvonpa said "@natalief beh ... I would prefer 20080431 ..." Oh, I agree and that is what I use for filenames and folder names, etc... #

18:40 @phinnia can't you put its wordcount on even if you don't finish it as such? surely you have written words even if the piece isn't finished? #

18:44 cat feeding (2 of 3 steps done) still can't really see screen and am still finding it hard to keep my eyes open. 'still' - other tweet lost? #

19:06 @elle_uk Ben Gay? #

19:07 Ugh. Gives up for a few hours now cats have been fed. Sorry hubby - just no choice but to sleep. I can haz life-failz todai. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #

22:31 @elle_uk Ah right - I have heard of "Deep Heat" ;-p #

22:33 @pixeldiva said "Today I'm making felt." Ooooo Needle-felting or felting knitting/crochet? Wanna try both sometime... #

22:37 @sbisson I stuck with @twhirl once I tried it. Then again I have not tried all of the other apps you have.... #

22:38 @mollydotcom For the Win! Only coz I am a WoW player. I think For The Win is a gamerz thang. #

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