Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

05:00 This may have been the first 24 hours in ages that I have not twittered. #

18:50 Today my gag/choke reflex is hyperactive. I choke/cough whenever I swallow and hte food/drink touches a particular spot in my mouth/throat. #

19:01 @laserone re. pics in your iPhone Twitter client - I use flickr or @Twitpic ... #

19:02 @pixeldiva said "van dude is back in his van. Really curious now." Surveillance? #

19:03 @pixeldiva said "Van Dude is very bored man waiting for calls to go look at boilers." *phew* "Made Van Dude a cup of coffee." *awwww* #

19:04 @ndixon said "Is pondering the possibility of TableRappers interactive fiction" Intriguing! #

19:06 @regularjen said ".... I am rolling in awesome. Naked." *boggle* #

20:43 Trying to type/play WoW with my feet up to the side (swolen feet). Harder even than it looks! #

20:45 Gives up. Swolen feet it is. #

21:30 @phinnia #

21:46 When they grow up, my feet want to be barrage ballons! #

21:53 @phinnia said "*reads linky* ... what the hell is wrong with people?" Kinda what I thought! Then again, not read original article only that. #

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