Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Note to self

Note To Self: Do not trust someone who you appear to have a lot in common with to give you the same common decency and caring that you try to give them.

Yet again an LJFriend turns out to be nothing like a friend. Ho hum. I have no energy for LJDrama right now and so am having to be ruthless. I am glad that I have learned the hard way over the 6 years that I have been on LJ not to see LJFriends as real Friends until we have had time to gey to know each other properly

In other news, life got pretty ick for a while there 'today' what with discovering that the MonSter would be stealing my amazing GPs as well as everything else it has stolen from me to date. I am okay again now (apart from a raging head- and eye-ache and feeling exhausted) but I am going to bed and may sleep for a week…
Tags: depression, doctirs, drama, livejournal, passive-aggression

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