Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:06 ... aaaand I'm awake again. #

07:23 still awake. will not get any more sleep before walking to the GP, walking home afterwards and waiting for a visitor to visit. wish me luck! #

11:08 Made it to surgery in one piece on foot despite being wobbly and having blurry vision. Car had a flat hence needing to walk. #

12:08 It is true. I have to lose my amazing gps if we move to the next town. This is 90% as bad as having to rehome the cats. I hate life. #

12:14 Walking home. #

12:36 Apparently I should have been less honest and just not told them until after we moved. At least I would not be losing so much of my life ... #

13:02 Home safe if slowly. #

13:15 @pixeldiva said "the trick is to keep breathing. Indeed." I am trying to. Indeed. #

13:18 @tallin32 said "@natalief: That sounds ... kind of autistic. Which of course is not correlated with geekitude at *ALL*. =)" MUCH! ;-p #

13:19 Was contemplating avoiding twitter and LJ for a few weeks. Have realised that they keep me sane and smiling. These and the cats, ofc... ;-p #

14:56 Already feeling a little less tragic about stuff. The damned MonSter plus PTSD makes every little thing seem HUGE and TERMINAL!!! Tired nau. #

15:09 Ommmmmmmmmmmm it *will* all work out okay ommmmmmmmmmmmmm #

15:10 *hugs* @mcglk and all of you that have responded withh ugs and so on. Sorry to worry you all, yet again. I now return you to your reg... ;-p #

15:11 s/ugs/hugs/ #

21:43 @pixeldiva said "is losing her mind (and possibly eyesight) trying to squash a particularly irritating bug." I only miss the cash from that. #

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