Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

another haiku or two

this is not a life:
get up. do laundry. get a
headache. go to bed.


get up. do laundry.
get a headache. go to bed.
this is not a life.

Not sure which I prefer.

I rarely even
get a chance to converse with
another human.

ETA: The deleted comment below originally said, copied from the emails (that I always keep):
"Is that because you spend so much time in bed that you do not get chance to converse?"
Did I overreact? Feh - not bothered to care about this TBH! They unfriended me, I unfriended them, end of story! I am only adding this now out of solidarity with another LJFriend who is also going through a patch of LJDrama...
Tags: haiku

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