Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

03:59 Just now starting to yawn. Should sleep soon... #

04:03 @phinnia: "'Lullabies' by Thom Yorke and Colin Meloy" Intrigued! #

13:28 Another local mini-powercut. Managed to turn my non-UPS (IPS?) back on first time for once. Need to wake up enough to wash+dress 4 visitors. #

13:28 @elle_uk hugz #

13:29 @cindyli: "... Do I use Jedi mind tricks to sign up?" Of course! How else? ;-p #

19:59 Sleepy. Prolly hungry. Woke about noon. Long visit from friend and much chatting this afternoon. Could nap but will then be awake all night. #

20:05 ... aaaaand now another headache! I HATE APRIL IN THESE PARTS!!! #

20:06 @mollydotcom: "has the hiccups. This normally only happens when drinking, Did someone spike my tea?" It wasn't me! *whistles that tune* #

20:07 @themattharris: "at a friends house cooking them lasagne for dinner" oooo do you wanna come and cook here? ;-p #

20:08 In better news, have done some laundry today... #

23:21 Will try to remember not to inject there again (not-quite-inner thigh) as a hard itchy/burning reaction lump forms. Not the worst to date... #

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