Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

05:14 still awake. birds starting to sing. pain, nausea and MELTING. #

05:37 going to try to sleep. not going to hold my breath, though... #

13:14 Trying to wake up by knitting and reading/writing in LiveJournal. I seem to be generating Haikus. #

14:16 watching @cindyli 's Brighton Geek Social talk (the one I missed) on the web thanks to @rosiesherry #

14:35 Just discovered that moving to the next town will mean changing GPs. This is very depressing coz I have a great relationship with mine. :(:( #

14:39 Yet another up-and-down rollercoaster-yo-yo in the fairground of my life, I guess. I just wish that change did not have to hurt so much...:( #

14:49 @regularjen: "Neil sent this to me, and I now give it to you:" If only R.A. was life... ;-p *hug* #

15:05 @elle_uk: "I really do wonder how some people make it through life." I wonder how I do, sometimes! #

15:06 Now watching Relly's talk. She mentions Victoria Mather - another great writer. #

15:59 ... and now a weather-head as well! PLZ CAN I NAU HIBERNATE FOR EVA? Am cancelling appointments and making others all on the hated phone ... #

15:59 @ndixon: "t broken on he keyboard :-p" Must make writing hard! #

16:38 Constant tinnitus is getting boring. /me turns on loud tunes despite headache... #

17:29 Crocs as slippers (and in general) FTW. I found the lost drawing pin. It was stuck in the bottom of my Croc Cayman and did not cut/stab me!! #

17:47 Ordered a birthday card, emptied dishwasher, ate breakfast, changed litter tray and am now pooped. May WoW or nap. Not yet decided. #

17:48 @mollydotcom: "it's astounding / time is fleeting / madness / takes control" It's just a step to the left... Richard O'Brien is a genius! :) #

17:49 Richard O'Brien'Brien #

17:56 @mcglk who - RO'B? Pretty much everythig he has done - but especially RHPS, of course... #

19:29 can't decide whether to try to stay awake, cook and eat or just die in bed all night not been awake long but have done chores + got migraine #

19:40 @Firni @mcglk ;-p #

19:42 On that note, I have decided to nap - at least until the washer/drier finishes tumbling so then I can wash hubby's shirts. Laterz all! zzz;) #

21:54 @mcglk I have had all kinds of AIR bugs in @twhirl e.g. clicking on twhirl and it sends focus to the app below and clicks on a button there! #

21:55 Woke up to wash hubby's shirts but hubby had already put them on! ;-p #

22:38 At least the pain meds seem to be stamping down the headache now... #

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