Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

14:37 Awake but ache all over. I have too much to do to get ill again! :( #

14:42 @elle_uk: "They're passing out free cans of rock star now...." I've not come across that before. Must google! #

14:44 @elle_uk GC? *fails to parse TLA* in this case, TEO letter abbreviation... #

14:44 @mollydotcom: "Last week, I left my business card with a note saying 'DNA Evidence' on his front door..." LMAO! #

14:45 @mollydotcom: "So what next? I feel it is my duty as a good sister to annoy him as much as possible, don't you agree?" TOADILLY! JK bro! ;-p #

14:51 @regularjen: "I have an overly complicated pen cup." *needs pictures* ;-p #

14:52 @elle_uk: "Messing about with Loud Twitter and LJ. Because I'm obsessive that way. I'll get bored with it eventually." Are we twins? ;-p #

14:54 @ndixon: "TableRappers Episode 15, accompanied by the Sally Army - that'll work for the spooky scenes, eh?" Totally! ;-p #

14:54 @regularjen: '...I wanted to request "Never Gonna Give You Up", but alas I am too late.' SARickRollin'! ;-p #

16:06 i can haz live somewhere where there is no weather and so no weather-heads plz nau? :( #

17:37 goes back to bed with pain meds #

22:11 @mollydotcom You go girl! #

22:14 @regularjen re. Twhirl - I changed my typeface/font and so on IIRC... #

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