Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

02:26 Alarm set for 0830. Have car tomorrow! Knitting and lunch in Horsham and then GirlGeekDinner in the evening with @cindyli et al! Busy days!! #

02:28 @twhirl: "... like bugs in Windows ..." there is a solution to those - buy a mac! ;-p #

09:42 Trying teat to see if I am up to using the car today. Sod's law the few days I get to use the car I will not be up to driving. Ho hum... ;-p #

09:42 @sbisson: "Of course there are always the times when one confuses a Twitter box for a search box..." OOPS! ;-p #

09:43 @sbisson: "hilton" At least this was all you needed to search for! #

09:46 @phinnia YAY! *hugs* #

09:46 Trying TEA not teat ;-p #

10:24 Change of plans. will let myself wake up then run shopping/errands later this afternoon and still skip knitting (lunchtime) this month. #

11:11 change of plan #2: attack of the weather-head! try to be compus mentis for this evening. spod and sleep today. shopping if up to it later... #

11:40 yup - guh - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #

11:59 Weatherhead. Going back to bed for a while. Will see how I feel when I wake & then decide about car/shopping. #

16:17 Just woken up. Eye pain. Will take pain meds and see how I feel re. tonight in a while. #

17:50 Giving up on life for today. May play WoW. May just sleep. Will see if the meds work. Will also try other solutions. GL 4 tonight @cindyli!! #

17:51 @mollydotcom: "Awake. Does not want." I know that feeling! #

19:03 @themattharris & @cindyli & all, sorry I won't see you tonight... :( #

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