Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:05 Urg - coldsore. Looks like I already have hubby's latest cold/bug... #

10:52 @freeport oops ;-p #

10:53 Woken by meds delivery that I was assured would come tomorrow. I feel more emails coming on! #

10:54 @JaneFoth: "watching torchwood on BBC iplayer on the wii" Cool idea! #

13:34 On train to L:Horsham,Sussex,UK #

13:36 Spotted Orange LG Viewty ad in Metro free paper. Looks interesting. #

17:33 Home safe after counselling and tea with mum. Coldsore is, indeed, accurate foreboding, as always - sore throat and a cold is starting *ded* #

18:03 falls down ded of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #

18:05 @mcglk it is just a nap ;-p #

21:12 @pixeldiva: "oh lord:" ROFL #

21:13 I seem to be getting some tweets twice in @twhirl #

21:13 I am still getting the clickthrough bug as well in @twhirl #

21:25 @twhirl which bug? #

21:27 have just been told that duplicate tweets were bouble clicked and so double tweeted. #

21:28 @twhirl have just been told that duplicate tweets were bouble clicked and so double tweeted. ;-p #

21:29 @twhirl clickthrough bug: sometimes I click on any part of the twhirl window and it is as if I have clicked on app below twhirl loses focus #

21:29 @twhirl have been tweeting about that for quite a while ;-p #

21:33 GAH! Is getting stuff sent to my phone despite having sent OFF a number of times since I got home! :( OI! Twitter! #

21:34 @twhirl to me as a 'twirl user', it is a twhirl bug. That you use AIR is not really my concern. As an ex-programmer I understand, however... #

21:35 @twhirl no answer before - any of the times I mentioned it ;-p - but you have had "Interesting Times" recently! #

21:54 @phinnia: "eee. my ankle almost doesn't hurt! SO AWESOME." YAY! #

22:38 That must be the 30th time I have tweeted OFF to Twitter to make them stop sending me SMSs! What is the betting I *still* get SMSs? #

22:38 @twhirl ;-p #

22:41 @twhirl I meant that I only installed AIR so that I could use Twhirl and that I do not SEE any features of AIR other than via Twirl... ;-p #

22:42 @twhirl so to a non-tech user it is happening within Twhirl... #

22:42 @twhirl just trying to translate into luser for you (we) techies! #

22:44 "Also know that you can shut text messages from Twitter off at anytime by replying with "off" (and back on by sending "on")." Um NOT WORKING #

22:44 heh - having fun with AIR, Twitter and Mailplane / Gmail2 at the moment - All have annoying and niggly bugs... #

22:45 Feh - gonna play some WoW. #

22:49 @twhirl I know that feeling - initially it felt like a "it's not our bug" brushoff like MS saying it must be the hardware and vice versa..:) #

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