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Clinovia? Communication? Any ideas what that is?!

More in the "injectable meds' delivery saga". Further to the email communication that I blogged about here the other day, I had another email back on the 4th:

 If you require a delivery on a Thursday or a Friday, we can certainly arrange that. If you have appointments on Thursday, we can come around Friday. On the day of the delivery, you can call us & we will find where the driver is & give you a 2-3 hour window.

We also hold keys for sheds, porches & back doors, all our drivers are police checked & many patients use this service to avoid staying in even for those two to three hours!

Just let me know if you require your delivery on Friday. We can also request the delivery to be before 12pm or an afternoon delivery. Your choice! We are here to help, so do not hesitate to contact me any time!

Eventually the deliveries will cut down to just 1 day & the transport department is working through the post codes as we speak. We will keep you in touch & bear in mind that you are not in on Thursdays!

I therefore assumed that all would be well and they would not try to deliver today. I was, of course, wrong. You will see why in a second or two. I have just sent this disgruntled email back to them:

 Well, that was nearly a total mess. I asked for "before my hubby goes to work and definitely not on Thursdays". The delivery guy arrived this morning at 1030 while I was asleep (I tend to sleep from a normal person's "early morning" e.g. 3 am, until their "lunchtime" e.g. 11 am or 12 noon - as if I was working on a graveyard shift). Luckily our nice loud doorbell woke me and I was not wearing earplugs. My husband leaves for work at or before 0830. My alarm was set for 11 am as it always is on a Thursay ('lunchtime' and 'afternoon' appointments). The driver had left a voicemail on my mobile (which is turned down to quiet while I sleep and so did not wake me, of course) and then, when I answered the doorbell a little later was very grumpy about it - "Didn't you hear the phone?!" Doesn't he know that the people he is delivering to have MS?! Also, you did not ask me if I needed a sharps bin (and I therefore did not say "No thank you!" ;-p) and so I have yet another spare empty sharps bin that I need to find somewhere to store...

Oh well - let's mark this one down to teething troubles and hope that next month's delivery goes as smoothly as they *used* to with Clinovia and Healthcare Logistics / Movianto in the past! ;-p

GAH! Fingers crossed for a better communication next month. Maybe?!

ETA: I just sent another email with something I forgot in the first one:

 On 4/4/08, ***** <*****> wrote:
> If you have appointments on Thursday, we can come around
> Friday. On the day of the delivery, you can call us & we will find where
> the driver is & give you a 2-3 hour window.

As you now know, I am rarely awake in the mornings (and so am unable to call you as you suggest) and out all afternoon on Thursdays. This is therefore not going to work. I need things to go back to a pre-arranged "before 0830 on Fridays". I ALWAYS have appointments on Thursday afternoon (unless I am too ill but then I would not be able to get to the door anyway). I very often also have appointments on Friday as well and so need to know IN ADVANCE when the Copaxone will be delivered so that I can make sure my husband or I will be able to answer the door to the delivery-person.

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