Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

12:26 Woke up at 1130 and again when alarm went of at 1200. #

13:11 Seem to have woken with a headache. Meds needed. At least I have a few hours before I need to be compus mentus and out the door... #

13:12 @freeport Happy 9th Anniversary (not 10th like I mis-counted) Hubby! ;-p xx <3 #

13:14 @mcglk: "More frequent updates? / Or occasional haikus? / You decide: tell me." Both works for me! It is good to 'see' you! ;-p *hugs* #

13:15 @mcglk: "Blast it; all those who / read my Twitter stream, are eight / time zones away. Foo." Me retweeting you might change that ;-p #

13:49 @kplawver: "Rocking out to the new REM album." Ooooo! That reminds me - must get ability to buy stuff on iTunes FIXED. No idea why it broke. #

13:50 @cindyli: "how to explain 300dpi and 72dpi ..." I usually say that 300 is for print and 72 is for web/email... That do it? #

13:55 @laserone: "I had no idea flickr did video now!"i t does?! #

13:56 @cazm: "and will someone please explain what the hell "rick rolled" means ..." I bet you know now and wish you hadn't asked ... ;-p #

13:57 @cazm #

14:05 Has @cazm to blame for current earworm. Plays loud random tracks on iTunes to try to solve that! #

14:11 @freeport: "... Can I haz well paying job not in IT plz?" :( *hugz* #

15:12 had fud. had meds. now shower... #

16:19 showered and partly dressed (*smile*). just waiting for hubby's shorst to finally dry so I can wash other stuff... #

16:19 *shirts* (typo again originaly read *shits*) ;-p #

16:20 spinny for a while after shower. shope it settles down soon... #

16:20 hope #

16:27 @mcglk: "How many haikus / do you think I can write with / "you evil bastards"?" I don't know! How many? ;-p P.S. You're up late!? #

17:43 At station waiting for train. #

18:05 On train at CH. #

18:10 Train has stopped outside Horsham station for some reason... :( #

18:10 That's better! #

20:57 Useful afternoon, nice meal with hubby this evening and now, already, sleepy. May go to bed or may wake completely up in 3... 2... 1...! ;-p #

20:59 @regularjen: "Married to Mr Dixon three years today. Happy bunny. :)" same anniversary as us! our ninth! #

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