Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

A gorgous day out there

It sounds lovely out there. It is sunny and the bright blue sky has only a few tiny fluffy clouds. My windows are open a crack and the air is chill/fresh but if I was to only trust my ears and eyes, it would look and sound like summer! That is, until I see the trees that still have bare branches.

I can hear many sounds that mean spring/summer to me and that make me calm and happy:
  • young children laughing and playing in nearby gardens.
  • garden birds singing and calling to each other.
  • lawnmowers, again in nearby gardens - not the huge petrol mowers that woke me from my nap the other day but, instead, the electric push mowers that most people seem to have.
  • an occasional passing car in our relatively quiet, village area.

I am sure that these memories/sounds are so important to me because I grew up in suburbia - quiet cul-de-sacs and large gardens with trees and ponds. Not having a garden here that I can sit out in on warmer days (or even days like today when well wrapped up) is something that I truly regret. One day …
Tags: gardens, memories, summer

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