Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

LJ Anniversary!

Today is my 6th LJ Anniversary:

Date created:2002-04-07 07:12:29
Journal entries:3,612
Comments:Posted: 13,846Received: 5,537

Our wedding anniversary is on the 9th. I created my LJ because hubby and I had separated (9 months, all told, but happily back together now) and I was needing somewhere to vent and dreading our anniversary that year.

So. I am still here and still using LJ to journal, blog, vent, share and hug all of my online friends and acquaintances. Now that my account is a permanent account (I STILL don't know who to thank for anonymously buying that for me!) I don't expect to be moving away from LJ in a hurry - not unless they change something fundamental and change it drastically, or totally break what LJ means to me...
Tags: livejournal
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