Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

01:49 Zaphod Beeblebears! #

01:50 @kplawver: "Doctor Who Season 4, episode 1 is up on mininova: Woo-hoo!" ... and was a veritable cracker! #

01:51 @pixeldiva: "ZOMG Doctor Who!!!" Indeed! #

04:27 finally starting to feel sleepy #

04:28 @kplawver: "Ok, knowing-things people. Is torchwood reeeally not coming back?" #

04:29 @kplawver: "Ok, knowing-things people. Is torchwood reeeally not coming back?" I think that there will be more. Might be wrong. #

04:29 @kplawver: "every sperm is sacred"... Thanks for the earworm! #

15:04 CAN HAZ NEW (to me) BIG WIDESCREEN CINEMA DISPLAY on the mac! ;-p #

15:10 Also, woke up earlier with snow on the ground (and snowing) for the first time in years (between north and south downs it rarely snows)!! #

15:15 now to try out BIG WIDESCREEN WoW! #

15:20 hmmmm - sounds seems broken :( #

15:28 Seem to have broken my speakers or otherwise broken sound... WoW without sound sucks! WoW does not work through headphones, even! :( #

15:35 Main mac sound (and iTunes) work through headphones but WoW does not. Weird. #

15:53 Need a break from kneeling under the desk before trying again to trace the knitted cables and solve the sound problem... #

18:52 YAY! Hubby's magic fingers and eyes fixed my sound! #

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