Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

01:23 Sudden skull-imploding head pain. Have taken meds and pain meds (and done jab), will spod until they work and then try to sleep. #

01:24 @kplawver: "I think I need to change my title to Chief Nerd Herder." Cat herder or Feline herder! Nerd herding is as hard. ;-p #

03:21 Pain meds finally working. This Mortal Coil has chilled me out. I need to buy other albums. Used to have on vinyl. iTunesMS does not like me #

11:11 Woke before my alarm for once. Not sure if I can muster the spoons to go out today. *still* waiting for a call - maybe it is that 020 call? #

11:20 It turns out that the 020 number that was not leaving a message *was* the call I was waiting for! Called them on the mobile number I had. ;) #

11:22 Time to take meds, shower, dress and eat. Then work out if I have enough spoons left for train journey and counselling. If not will call. ;/ #

11:24 @sweetmeow bear in mind that Twitter API max requests is 30 or 60? per hour. If app is requesting updates more than that you get that error. #

11:26 @JaneFoth if you get any, please share them? I need to go more but rarely manage to find spoons. #

11:27 Gah - bvluetooth keyboard always runs out of battery when I am busy/rushed and need to type stuff quickly! #

12:56 Almost ready to go out... #

13:51 I get to counselling by train to find out she had cancelled but nobody had phoned. Heh. Lunch at Beefeater is prescribed. #

14:21 phone would be useful for bored eyes. #

14:21 Wishing I had brought a book like I usually do. At least I have some knitting even if it is only 4 stitch icord for a plaited belt. Time ... #

14:33 Nom. Steak for brunch. A bit bloody for medium but still yummy. #

14:49 Listening to Table Rappers Persistent Spirit ep13 while I eat melon for pud. #

15:29 On train home. #

15:56 @pixeldiva: "mounted an expedition to the near-mythical world of owtsyde" oooo I am off to visit there any minute now! (old message) #

15:57 Home safe. What a waste of time/spoons despite it being a nice day. Now I am exhausted with only a nice brunch and less cash to show'for it. #

16:25 Fighting email battles w.r.t. injectable meds deliveries, change of company responsible and unacceptable changes of policy/process/time/etc. #

16:32 Meassage earlier should have read: At times like this an iPhone would be useful for bored eyes. ;-p #

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