Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

01:13 Feeling nauseous but need to be up at 8 am for meeting so need to sleep soon... #

01:14 @TwitPic: "Ok ok...the joke is up. April fools on being acquired by Twitter." Har dee har. It was after 12:00 GMT, though... ;-p #

02:46 can't sleep. sod's law #

11:36 Overslept. Did not make this morning's appointment. Lucky really coz it is not until the 16th! I got my wires crossed AGAIN. Me all over! :) #

11:43 @phinnia: "I'd rather have my job as "disabled" (req'd for child tax credit) than 'housewife' on my tax return" U're being realistic. *hugs* #

11:47 @laserone: "Why won't I go to bed. Something is wrong w/ me. I fight the coming of the next day." Heh - we must be twins, indeed! ;-p #

12:00 @pixeldiva Print Screen = shift+applekey+3 (copies current app to clipboard) or shift+applekey+4 (allows you to select an area) #

17:00 Note to whomever is phoning from 020 number and not leaving a message. I do not recognise your number. Leave a message or I won't call back. #

22:20 Wonton and Eggroll for cats (knitted with added catnip): #

22:32 @sbisson: "There will be no XKCD 404 :-)" Heh - I did not notice that! ;-p #

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Tags: loudtwitter, twitter

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