Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

17:13 @tallin32 b #

20:05 Still feeling blah and cats have finally finished eating so I may nap for a bit... #

20:06 @phinnia: "have you ever been asleep and had a dream so vivid it felt like you were awake?" Oh yes. Then woken and wished dream was real? ;/ #

20:08 @mdmhvonpa: "Hmmm ... 25 min till mtg ... fun" mtg = Magic: The Gathering? #

05:07 Oops - I am still awake. At least I am feeling sleepy now... #

05:12 ugh - major itchy ouch injection site reaction - not the worst I have had but only just... #

05:13 @kplawver: "Goodness, the circus episode of torchwood is damned creepy." Indeed - but creepy in a gooood way, m'kay? ;-p #

05:16 Burning hot itchy injection-site BURN on my thigh plus lingering vestigial migraine and other TMI PAIN - can I get off this ride now please? #

05:39 Oh dear. The birds just started singing and I have yet to make room for myself on/in my bed which is currently occupied by the snoring cats. #

13:23 Woken at 12:30 by 3 calls from witheld number. Note to caller: if you withold number and don't leave message I will not answer/callback! ;-/ #

13:25 taking meds, trying to eat and trying to wake up enough to do stuff. #

13:29 @phinnia Oh no! I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday! :( HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! #

13:31 @laserone: "@natalief You sound so much like me. :)" except you do more art and so on... ;-p #

13:31 @cindyli *wonders which famous blogger* #

13:34 @ndixon: "Flying penguins clip:" Classic! #

13:36 @twhirl: "I'm back, by the way... celebrating the birth of our first child ;-) please welcome Ben Linus on this planet" Congratulations! #

13:52 must haz fud nau plz #

13:56 *waits for replies to emails and spods while eating in an attempt to wake up* #

14:12 LOL WoW April fool? #

14:13 Another one? #

15:36 @freeport ;-p #

15:40 @TwitPic: "... we've been acquired by Twitter! ..." Congratulations on your new baby and on being acquired! #

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