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[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

19:16 awake but not much healthier... #

23:34 @ndixon: "Steracle: Persistent Spirit Chapter 13 ( tinyurl.com/2jjbnl )" iTunes it taking its sweet time to feed this, as usual... ;) #

23:51 @ndixon Yeah, I know. I am forever optimistic, though! That was not a dig at you BTW... ;-p #

03:30 Tonight I have mainly been playing WoW... #

11:39 Have made one of four phonecalls, built meds for the week and ordered prescription refils. That's worn me out. Damn spoons! is.gd/3sX #

11:40 Oh, also? I am MELTING all the time! It is not summer yet but I am TOO HOT already. I think I need to shave off all my hair and go naked..:) #

11:46 opened windows to try to cool down. Sod's law I will now catch a chill bvecause I don't realise I am getting cold! ;-p #

11:47 Crocheting and Elder God... #

11:58 an #

11:59 Can only crochet about 40 or 50 stitches before I have to rest my eyes. Especially with all the migraines recently. Can knit with eyes shut. #

12:00 Mmmmmm fresh air and birdsong (through an open window). *sigh* #

12:19 knitting icord with left over sock yarn (regia 4 ply) to make another stretchy belt that will be a little less so than my chunky yarn one... #

14:47 damn weather this time of year - another weather-head/migraine! :( #

15:47 Emptied/scrubbed/washed/refilled cats' littertray. Moved it so it's not below my shelf in batroom for me to drop stuff. Pixel has OKed it.:) #

15:47 Now dizzy. Realising that I have not eaten yet. #

15:49 @mdmhvonpa: "Ghhhaa ... migraine today. NICE!" 'Tis sadly the season in the northern hemisphere. I seem to be getting one every day! *hugs* #

15:50 @mollydotcom luvz u bak! #

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