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Some knitting links

This is another cross-posted comment that I made in reply to an LJFriend's friends-only post about knitting/stitching for therapy, movement/exercise and pain-relief:

A great 'learn to knit' site, to start you off.

You might want to try to borrow any of Debbie Stoller's "Stitch n Bitch" books form the local library. Don't let the title put you off - they are great books!

My del.icio.us knitting links. Once again, don't let the more complex ones put you off!
Another LJFriend (phinnia)'s del.icio.us knitting links.

Of course, you WILL want to sign up for an account on Ravelry (mine)! There is a bit of a waiting list but it is well worth it!

There may even be a WI or similar knitting group near you - that way you could meet other knitters over coffee and pick their brains /learn from them. e.g. via the Stitch n Bitch network of clubs/groups.

Stitchlinks. "A global friendship network researching the therapeutic benefits of knitting and stitching."

There are also loads of LJ communities to do with knitting, crafting, and so on:
20sknitters, addmeknitting, advanced_knit, advanced_sewing, brit_knits, brit_stitch, craftgrrl, craftgrrl_uk, crochet_love, crochetcentral, crochetcrochet, crochets, diy_tutorials, diyknittygritty, friendlycrochet, happy_hookers, kittypix, knetwork, knit_a_long, knit_icons, knitting, knitting_chat, love2sew, myfirstsocks, nightknitters, pattern_swap, plus_girl_craft, polite_crochet, punk_hookers, punk_knitters, random_crochet, revelry_ravelry, sew_like_whoa, sewconfused, sewing, sock_knitters, steam_knits, stitchers, weloveamigurumi, yarncycle

Other options you might want to consider are crochet and cross-stitch (the latter has a few good monthly magazines with easy small free kits on the cover so that you could try it out) or tapestry/embroidery - I don't do these as much (even though I occasionally crochet and used to cross-stitch a lot) because my eyes are not always up to seeing small stuff and I can knit easy stuff by feel …

I hope that helps!



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Mar. 31st, 2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
heeee! nightknitters is actually a local group of knitters here near me that I still haven't gotten a chance to get together with. They get together about twice a week at different locations in the Dallas, TX area to talk and knit.
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