Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] Microblogging via Twitter

00:46 Every time Pixel gives me his keen and pleased to see me face/look, ny heart breaks a little more. #

03:40 The only way I can temporarily fend off despair is to spod. If I try to sleep, I think. Thinking hurts. Need to sleep though. Busy day. :(( #

03:43 @phinnia: "the kid is inconsolable." A kindred spirit. *hugs* you and, if he'll allow it, *hugs* him too. cuddle your furkids for me? #

03:46 @ndixon: "A very satisfying number ( )" Congrats! #

03:52 @regularjen: "*shakes fist at an uncaring sky*" *joins in* #

11:44 @cazm is tweeting a lot today! ;-p #

11:45 Yup, awake. If I did not have counselling today, I would go back to bed. #

13:35 On train to counselling. I have never needed it more. Blank mind to avoid feeling. *numb* #

15:27 Feeling (only) slightly lighter after counselling. Better than nothing and very long (over a month) awaited/needed. #

15:34 On train home. "Good after-morning ladies and gentlemen..." announcement on train LOL! :) #

16:08 +1 rollercoaster day in my fairground life. The pos. flat is now not a pos. so I can keep the cats for now but there's no alternative flats. #

16:11 @glass: "Twitter notifications marked as spam by Yahoo Mail..." D'OH! Yahoo can haz fail!! It sucks how some ISPs and email servers do that. #

16:41 Feeling numb, aimless and braindead - all 'at sea'. Not sure what to do now. #

16:41 @kplawver: "Another snarky comment self-censored. What's wrong with me?" You are a grown-up now? ;-p #

16:42 @cindyli: "If you have to explain something to someone then its broken..." Exactly. or even s/someone/anyone/ ! ;-p #

16:44 "Feeling numb, aimless and braindead": possibly an ideal state to be in to do some mindnumbingly boring copy/paste work, knit or play WoW... #

16:45 @cindyli Not sure but then I am always *too* public. IMO I have no secrets. YMMV OFC. Mine was always a public Twitter account. #

16:47 On the plus side, stress is an awesome diet plan when combined with knitting and forgetting-to-eat/never-feeling-hungry! #

17:01 The birds outside are making sounds like it might be spring which is quite pleasant... #

17:21 @JaneFoth Good luck. #

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