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My take on my roleplaying abilities

After my visit with hubby to the Portsmouth Roleplaying Club with hubby on Sunday where I knitted, crocheted and just watched/listened to them playing, I wrote down some thoughts about my current MonSter eaten roleplaying abilities.

"… I have not played f2f RPGs since the early 90s and that used to be DnD, ADnD 3rd ed., MERP (which I used to GM as well) and a few others. I also have multiple sclerosis which has stolen, over the years, an amount of my information-absorbing, information- and thought-remembering, problem-solving and idea-having abilities (hence having to 'retire' in 2000 after 10 years as a programmer). Then again, maybe roleplaying will help me exercise/use what is left of these abilities so that I don't lose them any faster than they are already disappearing!

I sat in on Alex's game yesterday and had great fun as an observer while I knitted socks / crocheted Cuthulhu, but I realised that I was unlikely to have been able to play this scenario - absorbing information from written (amazingly so, BTW!) character bios within the first or second reading is just not something I am capable of any more. I may have been able to play and even roleplay (as opposed to rollplay) had I had the handouts ahead of time and so had time to read them and re-read them over time, but that may not have been fair to other players.

BTW, my favourite setting has always been high fantasy (e.g. ADnD Forgotten Realms and WoW) although I did enjoy ADnD Planescape for a while …

Thanks for reading - I hope that I have not bored you all to death …"

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