Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

00:22 bflog: (Saturday) peanuts raisins dfwf-pitta houmous marmite-rice-cakes hula-hoops s&v-baked #

00:25 @twhirl still getting bug from a few versions ago: go to click on twhirl and it clicks 'through' twhirl onto whatever is below (100% opac.). #

00:26 @ndixon: "PersistentSpirit chapter 12 written, appropriate drama-heightening cliffhanger ..." I'm still recovering from cliffhanger in ep 11 #

00:28 bflog: (Also Saturday) lots of water and one Dr Pepper. #

02:08 @cindyli you okay? #

02:10 Yeah, I'm still awake. If I do not manage to be awake enough to go out tomorrow, I will stay at home, make soup, pack boxes, knit & crochet! #

02:11 BTW, anyone for scrabble (email scrabulous)? DM/PM/email me your email address and I will challenge you to a game! #

02:40 I am betting this is not how my brother does it (he is a trampoline coach and competitor): ROFL! #

14:39 at roleplay club with hubby. not up to playing myself these days butfun to watch. #

18:58 Home and feeding cats. Shattered but I had fun. #

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