Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

05:11 using twitter much less and using livejournal more but probably more friends-only posts there. feel pretty yuck but going to try tp sleep... #

14:33 I wish I could stay asleep. In dreamland I am able to do stuff. Fix things. Solve problems. I wake up to reality - impotence and disability. #

14:35 @kplawver tweeted: "photo of my blue hair:" Indeed a kickass photo. I like your new avatar pic as well. #

14:37 @ndixon There is nothing unhealthy about macro! My macro lens is my favourite and my 80-400 VR come second! e.g. macro: #

14:38 @phinnia tweeted: "Advantage: felines." Felines FTW! #

14:39 @phinnia tweeted: "dear cat: stop eating JELLY WINDOW CLING THINGYS. They are not FOOD." BYE DET HAZ A FLAVR! NOM NOM NOM... #

14:46 @JaneFoth tweeted: "cool youtube wiimote hacking video" Cool indeed. Seen before but worth watching again. #

14:48 @ndixon tweeted: "According to Christina Aquilera (who emailed me) ..." Spam? ;-p #

15:00 must. wake. up. enough. to. make. phone. calls. zzzzzzzz #

15:53 @phinnia tweeted: "dear cat: stop eating JELLY WINDOW CLING THINGYS. They are not FOOD." BUT DEY HAZ A FLAVR! NOM NOM NOM... #

16:25 I have made the required phonecall. May now just go back to bed and die, however. Not even enough spoons and little enough pain to knit!! :( #

19:52 Not well enough to make it to Clack & Yack tonight. More forms to fill in anyway. #

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